Adventures in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Long time no see eh? Here it is halfway through June and I’m actually posting new photos!! Work has still been relentless but I was able to get away for a 4 day birthday weekend and travel to SC with my 2 best friends. I worked every day while I was there like a good employee and still managed to get some pool/beach/sightseeing in.

Here we go with the first set – mostly random shots from being out and about all taken with the iPhone. I hope to get another few sets up in the next few days.  We shall see.

Thanks to everyone who has kept on following me on my photo journey :) Enjoy.


The Pig And Pearl.

A friend of mine got in touch a few days ago asking if I’d be interested in taking some photos of him for his Facebook page. Those who have been following me for a while know I rarely take photos of people – In fact I’ve never really gone out with my camera with the intent to photograph humans. They do occasionally show up but only because they were already there.

We met today on Monument Ave here in RVA to get some photos using the monuments and as a background. Turned out that I enjoyed having a living breathing subject.  Once I’m dome with editing them and can show him I plan to ask if it’d be ok with him if I post them here…stay tuned.

After Monument Ave we stopped in a  new local restaurant The Pig and Pearl.  They specialize in pork and oysters. And have an appetizer that consists of 5 different flavors of bacon. And a burger with 2 patties, bacon and pork barbecue. I hear arteries hardening all around the city…

For now please enjoy some shots of none of the above mentioned food.

Stuff You May Not Have Seen – Year End 2013.

Since I do always have my iPhone with me I decided as this year draws to a close I wanted to share some more photos. Mostly random things from my day to day life – errands, get togethers with friends, things that just caught my eye.

I hope in 2014 I have the chance to get myself back into photographing what I see right now.  No big promises of 3 posts a week like the good old days but I’ll do what I can. I truly miss my time looking through my lens.

For now here’s a bunch of random stuff to look at. Enjoy. And please have a safe NYE – I want to see everyone safe and happy in 2014 :)

Down by the Sea – PartII.

Hello! I am still alive! My job at this point consists of enough work for 3 people to be doing 8 hours a day and that has unfortunately put a huge damper on my photographic endeavors. I can’t even remember the last time I had the time to wander around with my camera…

Probably July when I was in Nags Head NC. I know I posted some shots from that day already. I had some free time tonight (lo and behold!) and started going through files on my computer and I noticed that I had a set I didn’t post. So here they are.

These are more marco style – I used my zoom lens and wanted to get the details of what I was seeing as I walked up and down the beach.

Take a walk back to summertime.  Enjoy.

Down By The Sea.

Hello!!!  I’m still alive – I managed to steal a few hours this afternoon and go through the photos from my quick Nags Head trip at the end of July. That’s the last time I had a chance to get any new photos…not counting the thousands of shots of vacant houses I take every day. But I seriously doubt you’d want to see photos of unwinterized toilets…

I was only in Nags Head for about 36 hours with my dance troupe and wandered away for about an hour and just walked about a mile up the beach. This post is mainly views, people and things I saw while I was walking. I have other photos that will be put up of gulls, pelicans and some closeup shots.

I miss posting and even more I miss having the time to relax and take photos. I hope work slows down in the fall.  I’d hate to miss photographing my favorite time of year.

For now please enjoy some beach :)

I’m Still Here…

Stupid work has really put a damper on my blogging and I do apologize. I do have some content to upload from a trip to Nags Head, NC at the end of July. If all goes well this week and work doesn’t explode all over the place as it has been doing for the entire month I hope to get those posted.

I’m still itching to get out and take photos if the 2013 Mural Project. I’ve seen some pics from other folks and they look awesome! So stay tuned for those…

And thank you guys for your patience with me and my sporadic posting as of late.  Please do keep visiting :)