Hello and Happy All Saint’s Day.

It’s been a while……

Halloween-time kicked off here in RVA with the annual Zombie Walk. I didn’t participate but enjoyed watching the many brain hungry walkers.




Happy Birthday II.

Found this one I forgot to publish (I think). Photos from birthday camping trip June 2016.

These are from Tuesday night. They brought many glow sticks and I made some art. Enjoy.


GRTC Bus Barn.

Here in RVA on Cary St. in The Fan is the old GRTC Bus Barn. If you live here you know the place. If you’re not here you can read up here, here, or here.

This January I went there to finally take photos of the murals. Unfortunately it was already fenced off so I got as close as I could. I’m glad I did because as of July 4th everything has been painted over and the renovations have started.

Here’s a last look at the art that once lived there. Enjoy.


Japanese Tattoo VMFA.

Last summer the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts had an exhibit exploring the art of Japanese tattoos. I’m lucky that the VMFA is just a few blocks from my place so I was able to check it out. It was a good chance to really look at the tattoos and appreciate the artistry in detail.


Happy Birthday.

For my birthday this year my friends took me to Natural Bridge, VA for a camping adventure. They got us a cabin and we spent a few days “roughing it”. We played, swam, ate, and made great memories.

Here’s what we did. Enjoy.

Playing Catch Up.

Wow. No post since November of 2015. Guess it’s time to play catch up.

I thought about one big post of everything I have that hasn’t made it on here yet but that’s a lot to sort through all at once. The grand plan is to post one set every few days until I’m caught up. Let’s see how that goes….

Here’s some concert photos from the past few months. Enjoy.