Inspirational Inspiration.

I’d like to thank The Sugarlump for kindly nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!! I’m looking forward to checking out this blog! She blogs about “the sweet morsels in my life, the things that make me smile”. Sounds good to me!!

In accepting this award, it is my pleasure to complete the following:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post the blog award image on your page.
  3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other blogs and let the nominees know they been chosen.

7 Things about Me:

1. I started this blog almost a year ago and it has brought me and many others joy…that makes me happy!

2. I’m a belly dancer and love Middle Eastern music and history.

3. I have 4 super cool cats who sometimes make appearances on my blogs.

4. I love being outside and taking photos of nature. Especially bugs.

5. I really don’t like doing laundry. I’d rather clean anything than do laundry.

6. I’m not the kind of person to have a lot of friends. I prefer a few very close friends that I can trust and count on.

7. I try my best to be positive and optimistic about myself and the world – as hard as that is to do most of the time.

And here’s my list of 15 blogs that inspire me through their photos and words…

1. Watching The Photo Reels Go Round and Round…

2. Project 365 by Kenneth Todd

3. Daring To Live In Love – The Alternate Economy


5 Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog

6. ShootAbout

7. Sorin Photography

8. Photo Nature Blog

9. Something A Week

10. Everyday Paranoid Visions

11. Finding Subjects

12. Ankur I-View

13. Broken Light: A Photography Collective

14. 03 Archive

15. Melissa Not Dusting

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