Stuff You May Not Have Seen – Year End 2013.

Since I do always have my iPhone with me I decided as this year draws to a close I wanted to share some more photos. Mostly random things from my day to day life – errands, get togethers with friends, things that just caught my eye.

I hope in 2014 I have the chance to get myself back into photographing what I see right now.  No big promises of 3 posts a week like the good old days but I’ll do what I can. I truly miss my time looking through my lens.

For now here’s a bunch of random stuff to look at. Enjoy. And please have a safe NYE – I want to see everyone safe and happy in 2014 🙂


Photoshopping The James River.

So I’ve been hearing about this PhotoShop thing for years. Since I can’t afford to buy it I went with a free trial to check it out. After playing around with it for the better part of this afternoon I think it’s easier than that Gimp thing and does all kinds of neat-o stuff. On the other hand – Unless the version that can be purchased has a zillion more capabilities I don’t see why it’s so pricey. I will admit I couldn’t figure out a lot of it and just stuck to the “basics” so I may be totally missing out. I’m downloading Photoshop Elements now to try that one out next. Since for now photography is my time to relax and create investing large sums of money doesn’t seem beneficial…yet.

Here’s the edit set from Brown’s Isle 5.13.13. The edits are first followed by the unedited versions. I know I like to see both. Enjoy.

iPhoneography Challenge May Week 2 – Macro.

May Week 2 Macro edit

Here’s what I came up with for the iPhoneography Challenge this week. I had taken close ups of a few things in the past few days – a dead bee, a flower, different textures – but nothing was working out the way I wanted it to.

At the First Friday Art Walk May 3rd I saw an small installation at gallery5 called Some Other Places We’ve Missed by Mark Strandquist. Check out his site here. It was a white wall with 6 sent of cards to take. The backs of the cards have the info – “During workshops and mailed correspondence incarcerated individuals are invited to choose ‘If you had a window in your cell what place from your past would it look out to?’ Participants provide a detailed memory from the chosen location and describe how they would want the photograph composed.” The front of the cards had the locations and composition requests. Photographs are then emailed and shared on the site and with the incarcerated. I’ll share mine here when I’ve finished all 6 and submitted them to the project. Check the site out and give it a go…

I took all 6 cards and started yesterday with a few shots at Byrd Park then headed to James River Park which is where I spotted this tree that had been overtaken with what is probably gypsy moth caterpillars (bag worms). They sure can destroy a tree and at the same time create beautiful webs.

The photo was edited with HDR FX (free version). Although not truly an HDR photo it does have the look I wanted from the edit. The original is below. Enjoy.

May Week 2 Macro orig

Portfolio Site.

I finally started working on the portfolio…again…and managed to get some content up and running. It may not be permanent but I wanted to have a way to share my favorite photos without using the space on here which is quickly dwindling.
Check it out here…I’ll be adding more content as time permits. Enjoy.

Sunset and Spiders 8.11.12.

Here’s more photos from my Saturday shoots. I was out all day and it was getting to be late afternoon. It had rained earlier so it was still a bit cloudy – which usually makes for pretty sunsets. I headed to the Nickel Bridge to walk out over the James River. It’s a great spot to see sunsets. To make it more interesting I was surrounded by spiders. Thousands of them make their webs on the bridge as it’s likely a good spot for catching tons of flying bugs. I went between shooting the setting sun and shooting the spiders. Enjoy.

Good Girls Don’t Grow On Trees.

Yet another day passes with too much to do and thunderstorms quickly approaching. Accordingly, yet another post of photos from last summer. These were taken with the phone camera at Texas Beach on the North Bank.


Do You Remember The 20th Day of November?

Still nothing new here so I’m posting a set taken on November 20, 2011 when I was using the Nikon D50. There’s really no difference in the photos from the D50 and D40 – except that the D50 wasn’t mine and the D40 is…

I’m hoping to get out one night soon and play with exposures and speeds now that I have a vague idea of what I’m doing. I’ll post what I end up with.

For now here’s Downtown RVA in November. Enjoy.